Download Music & Audio Player 10 Bands Equalizer Apk Latest V1.6.0

Awesome! Awesome! Everywhere music plays a role simply we can tell that without the music our life won’t run it’s but while listening to the music with all the effects is the perfect way it will keep you to float with the same good feeling along with the music yes the  Music Player – 10 Bands Equalizer Audio Player is here it came with a lot of updated features like it is designed with the 10 bands of the equalizer.

Those who have more playlist and track will get struggled to get the favorite tracks no worries this music player helps us to control and manage all your tracks and playlist in easy moreover it helps you to find your favorite tracks in a very quick way.

This player will help you to play all the HD songs that are listed on your playlist with the various type of effects like custom, Normal, Classical, Pure Voice, Bass, Dance, Flat, Folk then choose perfect categories which suit for your track more than that it also gives you better hearing just listen with the 3D effect.

Features of Music & Audio Player 10 Bands Equalizer

  • Listen to the high quality of music with your favorite songs.
  • All types of formats are supported  mp3, midi, wav, FLAC raw aac files, and all.
  • We set effects according to the mood of your songs.
  • Able to set your sleeper times then automatically play will stop.
  • Headphones control also possible then you can able to enjoy a lot of things with these players.

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Download Music & Audio Player 10 Bands Equalizer Apk  V1.6.0

  • Fast! Fast! The apk file for the Music Player – 10 Bands Equalizer Audio Player is given above to you.
  • Yes, your download can be done by the apk file using the above-given link.
  • Make sure that your VPN switches on because you can sometimes not able to download it.
  • Please remove the previous version of the application before the installation from your device.
  • After downloading install it on your device and enjoy hearing all your favorite songs with perfect effect. 

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App Information:

File NameMusic Player – 10 Bands Equalizer Audio Player Apk [Latest]
File Size14.23MB
Version 1.6.0
SupportAndroid 4.1+
DeveloperLeopard V7
GenresMusic & Audio
 Get it fromGoogle Play Store
Updated on 
 30 September 2020

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