Contacts + Pro v5.42.2 (Plus) APK

Contacts+ is your everyday contacts & dialer app, powered with text messaging, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and much more – all in one place.

Contacts+ is a true all-in-one contacts, phone dialer, sms & call log app that makes it easy to connect with friends and block unwanted people or telemarketers via caller ID & block. Whether it’s a call or sms – you’re always in control over the people you connect.

In addition to blocking spam calls and sms, Contacts+ protects you with an integrated backup & sync service – easily backup your contacts, messages and call logs so you’ll never lose it again.

Above all, Contacts+ is private & customizable. Your contacts are yours and are never shared with anyone. You can make Contacts+ your own by selecting which features to use, change themes and customize it to fit your needs.

Requirements: Android 4.0.3+

– Caller ID
– Calls & SMS block
– Contacts, SMS and Call log backup
– Quick actions for calls / SMS
– Smart sort
– 5 Themes
– Grid / List contacts view
– WhatsApp, Twitter & Foursquare integrated in your contacts
– Merge duplicate contacts
– Customizable contacts widget
– Fast dialer search
– Android Wear support

 What’s New: 
• New app icon!
• Fixed duplicate app-icons on Nougat devices
• Fixed “Ignore accents” removing line-breaks
• Performance improvements & other bug fixes

Pro features unlocked. Backup to GMail account don’t work.


File Name  :  Contacts + PRO (Plus) Patched APK [Latest]
File Size     :  10 MB
Publisher    :  not-available
OS Support:  Android

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Contacts + Pro 5.42.2 (Plus) Apk | Mirror

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