ilauncher 7 i5 prime HD 2.0 Cracked APK is Here!

ilauncher 7 i5 prime HD
Launcher 7 i5 Prime HD is a pro version which delivers quite a new way to discover your phone and also it changes the way you look your phone.Its a completely new and refreshing way to start with.we all know that we are bored old android koppelvlak, this is something which you would love to use, it has many basiese, smart and intelligent features which you would enjoy to use after installing.It also gives you a HD Look so that your eyes will gonna surely love it.
Key Features
  • More Themes
  • More customized Options
  • Available For almost all versions of android.
  • High Speed Guaranteed
  • Saves Battery
  • Gesture – A slight flick from bottom to top will open the CONTROL CENTER.
  • Search all the contacts and call them directly.
  • HD Graphics
  • Free Live Wallpaper
  • Voice Search
  • Varieties of wallpapers
  • Lock Screen
  • Widget Support
  • Torch Support
  • Get missed calls and Unread sms updates.
  • Double tap to lock screen or choose what you want for double tap.
  • Awesome Control Center which you can drag from the bottom which contains many useful shortcuts.
  • Add / Bind Applications to home screen.
  • Analog clock
  • Digital Clock
  • Notification Tray
  • More Customization
  • Quick Search your phone contacts, your programme and many more
  • Dancing icons effek
How to install?
  1. Save the downloaded .apk on your android phone’s SD card
  2. Run and install it
  3. That’s it,Enjoy! :)
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